60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

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60 Way To Ask for The Sale Without Being Pushy

Closing is a process. From Greeting the Prospect through Delivery and beyond, automobile sales champions are always closing.

In days gone by the ABC’s of selling were expressed as Always Be Closing. Somewhere along the sales training evolution, salespeople lost perspective, became soft, lost the hunter instinct.

Sales professionals are always strategically moving to secure the deal.

Your Time Is Valuable!

Quality automobile sales people are hungry. They want the deal. They want the deal today. Now! They are always building toward that end.

Car salespeople understand that if they are not continuously bridging toward the ink on the deal sheet, then their time with the prospect is nothing more than a social visit.

Your Time Is Valuable! Believe it. Respect it. Work it.

60 Way To Ask for The Sale Without Being Pushy

Without proven closing techniques, you are leaving money on the table.

Prospects know more ways to say NO than car sales consultants know how to get a YES!

In this comprehensive closing manual, I explain and give examples for 60 of the most powerful closing tactics.

  • Included are my Top Five Sales Closes
  • Physical Action Close
  • Test Drive Close
  • Reduction-To-The-Ridiculous Close
  • Thermometer Close
  • Sharp Angle Sales Close

Plus my favorite – you’ll have to get the book to discover this one 🙂

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