An automobile sales process is not pie in the sky. High income automobile salespeople and truck salespeople follow an automobile sales process each and every contact. No exceptions!

Automobile Sales Process Selling Process Tips

Automobile Sales Process Selling Process Tips

Selling Automobiles An Art AND A Skill

Rembrandt was considered one of the greatest painters in European history.

Do you recognize the names Pieter Lastman or Jacob van Swanenburgh?

Rembrandt apprenticed under each of them.

What does that have to do with selling cars?

The Art Is The Finesse

The Art Is The Finesse

The Art Is The Finesse

To be a Rembrandt you need coaching.

You need automobile sales training. And you need resilience.

But, out of all that you can learn, what you need most is to practice…

  • Practice to develop your style.
  • Practice to hone your talent.
  • Practice to perfect the 6 Step Selling Techniques of the highest commission earners car salespeople.

Additionally, you need to establish rapport with prospects in such a manner that there is a bond of trust.

Your prospects and repeat customers need to sincerely believe you will bring to reality the vehicle that works for them without manipulation, without shady tactics, and no tricks.

That is an art and a skill.

Walking Talking Referral Machine

Professional salespeople practice listening intently, asking relevant value adding questions, and packaging it all in a vehicle that meets the prospect’s needs and budget.

By the way, career automobile salespeople have an eighth step – Progression.

Progression moving their new Customer to a walking, talking referral machine!

The wannabe car sales guys and car sales gals just cannot seem to grasp this sales tactic.

They miss out on the fact that the first sale to a new prospect is always the toughest. It gets better and much more exciting as you nurture the prospect through to Customer and beyond.

Practice Drill Rehearse – Automobile Sales Process Perfection

In the end, your success will be proportional to how effective you hone your people skills and your selling skills.

In the words of Joe Verde, one of the most respected automobile sales training specialists, “Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Practice. Drill. Rehearse.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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