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Automobile Sales System 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

The Presentation and Demonstration step is a critical step in the automotive sales process.

Whether the prospect has been online studying the vehicle or just drove in on an impulse, it would be rare for a purchase to be made without the prospect at least looking the vehicle over.

I say rare because we have many documented instances where people have purchased a vehicle over the internet without ever having been in one.

Generally purchasers want to see, touch, get in, and drive the vehicle before committing.

Decision Maker In The Front Seat

In this selling technique, your goal in presenting the vehicle is to highlight the key interests you uncovered in the Qualification step.

Follow your sales manager’s preferred method in presenting the vehicle if the Dealership has a required process.

Some manager’s suggest you start at the front right bumper, others say it is best to start at the rear left bumper. If there is no hard-and-fast rule in your dealership, do what works best for you and the prospect. It is recommended that you have a process.

I usually start at a 45 degree angle from the right front and work my way around the outside of the vehicle. If I am presenting the vehicle to one person, I strive to have that person end up in the front passenger seat. If two people, I conclude my exterior presentation with one in the back seat and one in the passenger seat.

If it is a couple, I try to have the decision maker in the front passenger seat.


On the test drive, I drive first. That allows me to highlight options that are important to the prospect. I want the decision maker’s attention.

Switch Points Are Important

Automobile Sales System Easy. Simple. Video. Build Trust. Convert Leads.

Easy. Simple. Video. Build Trust. Convert Leads.

Not enough is written about the salesperson’s role during the test drive.

For example, the salesperson should always drive first.

The route should be planned with the idea of as much as possible making right hand turns; in other words try to avoid crossing traffic.

Have planned switch points. These are places where you would pull over and switch with the prospect. If at all possible, they should be away from distractions.

At the switch points, I generally demonstrate to the new driver how to adjust the seat, mirrors, audio controls on the steering wheel, and so forth.

After the switch point, when there is a couple, I sit behind the driver; if just one person I sit in the front passenger seat.

Regardless of where I am sitting, other than giving route directions, I say nothing unless asked. The test drive is for the prospect to sense, feel, and appreciate the vehicle.

Automobile Sales System Demonstrate, Say Nothing … Then Start Closing

Trial closes are an integral part of the Automobile Sales System Presentation and Demonstration.

When we are about five or six minutes away from the Dealership, I start a closing summary.

And, with these trial closes, I will suggest to the prospect that when she or he drives on the lot we park the vehicle in the ‘Sold Line’ (another trial close).

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

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