Automobile Salesman Social Media Selling Process Tips

Automobile Salesman Social Media Selling Process Tips

Automobile salesman social media presence is essential in your sales arsenal.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other Social Media provide opportunity for you to be found.

Many automobile sales consultants kid themselves about the value of a Social Media presence.

Your Buyers Are on Social Media

Here is a news flash, your customers and prospects are there.

More importantly, so are their connections.

If you are an automobile salesman, Social Media is a gateway to a significant networking opportunity.

But it is not always just social.

My first sales manager would constantly say “Keep your ear to the ground”. Today he would probably say “Keep your eye on Social Media”.

What Is The Public Saying About You

From a sales perspective, if I make a connection through my automobile sales social media contacts that is a bonus.

It is a bonus because that is not really why I am participating.

What is most important to me is what the automobile buying community is saying about me, my brand, my service, and the Dealership.

Social media is no longer social if it is about you, your brand, or your service – it is business!

Share What You Know Through Automobile Salesman Social Media

Automobile Salesman Social MediaWill maintaining an automobile sales social media presence require work?

In a word – yes.

Effective participation requires understanding the service providers. Do not just jump in. Learn the etiquette. Most importantly, remember Social Media is about socializing. It is a pull sales opportunity not a push market.

Similar to blogging, influence the readers through your content and expertise. Be visible and a participant. Do not blatantly sell.

Here is what not to do. Do not load every post with a “Here is a great buy” because the only deal you will see is the Social Media Moderator dealing you out.

Socialize. Participate. Connect.

Socialize. Participate. Connect. The Field of Dreams will bear fruit – if you build it, they will come, literally.

The building it is what takes time. The more successful participants have learned how to keep their content fresh and frequent. There are tools that will streamline the process for you.

Finally, maintaining your Social Media is an activity that can be delegated. I did exactly that. As my sales grew and my prospect appointments filled, to stay current I had to delegate updating my Social Media site. Doing this allowed me to focus on what I do best – selling.

Getting To Know Your Prospects

Jacquelyn Smith, a Forbes staff writer, summarized the essence of social media better than any I have yet to read. She wrote,

Social media provides a terrific set of tools for prospecting. These tools allow you to research your clients. They allow you to listen, to pay attention to what is interesting and important to your clients. … When used well, social media provides an excellent set of tools for lead generation.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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