Why beat distractions that hold you back?

Why Beat Distractions that Hold You Back

It is no surprise that distractions prevent you from being effective. What is surprising is the number of daily distractions that are never recognized for what they are.

Beat Distractions Gain Confidence

When preparing yourself to make a great first impression, if you are not doing something that helps your self esteem, you are wasting your time.

That is why it is so important that you beat distractions. Beat distractions and grow your confidence.

Distractions are often referred to as time thieves.

In the world of interpersonal communication, distractions are robbers. Allowing a distraction to move your focus away from focusing on the person you are with, is the same as a thief stealing your watch.

Like the robber, distractions are stealthy. They are not seen as being what they are. They sneak up on you even when you are aware of them. Distractions are always lurking; just waiting for the moment you let your guard down. Distractions melt away your confidence.

Stealthy Social Pirates

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Jeffrey Doucet”]Social media platforms are stealthy social marauders; silent time thieves.[/pullquote]

For most people distractions are really not the problem. The real problem is justifying to yourself that you are not wasting your valuable communication time.

For example, if you were looking for a date, being found, having your name, picture, and contact information easily accessible to potential acquaintances is important. Facebook is a popular social sharing platform for this.

As a person looking for a date, you want to be involved with social media.

Facebook provides excellent opportunity to have your contact information available and in front of  potential acquaintances. There is absolutely no reason why you ought not be actively involved with Facebook everyday.

The Gift and The Curse

First Impression Tips Time ThiefTherein lies the problem.

Facebook, and similar social media, is a resource for you to be found. Being found leads to getting more opportunity for get-togethers. But let your guard down and the resource morphs into a robber, time thief.

This is not a black mark against Facebook. The same holds true for Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media hangouts. Each will melt away your time and take your focus off what is important, meet someone in-person, not just online.

What Is The Solution to Beat Distractions

Beat distractions, for real? Is it possible?

To beat distractions, you not only need to recognize what they are, you need to accept that whatever you determine as the main thing, meet someone in person for example, is what needs to be focused on.

The answer to what is the solution is be determined, stay focused.

You can beat distractions and create a great first impression when you use social media as a tool. Don’t get caught up and waste time online because it is more comfortable. Make a personal commitment to get out and meet someone in-person.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Topsy Gift”]Until you shut down the doors to distractions you are not yet ready to succeed.[/pullquote]

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