Better Body Image Not Necessary

First Impression Tips

Better Body Image First Impression Tips

Better Body Image First Impression Tips

Wanting a better body image is often stimulated by external factors.

It is no big revelation that each of us is influenced by media. And, most of us understand that how we see ourselves is, unfortunately, all too often shaped to be what we see in someone else.

Society puts a good deal of pressure on people to look healthier, be thinner, live livelier more wholesome lives.

What is dangerous is when we strive to shape our body like a superstar we admire.

To Be Like a Superstar

Better Body Image Like a Superstar

Better Body Image Like a Superstar

We almost never see the star on a bad day. We rarely see her or him looking any less than perfect.

The danger is not realizing that for the superstars looking their best in public is show biz.

Or, on occasion when we see a rant or other public display of chaos, confusing that with real life. In such instances, once again, it is generally show biz.

In other words, the superstar you might want to emulate is often far from the real person we see.

Better Body Image

Developing a better body image is 100% about you.

There may be an element of looking better for a partner or spouse. Or to look better to attract a soul mate.

Reality is, it is about you. It has to be. Because if you see it as anything less, you will fail.

The only way to absolutely achieve a personal body image makeover, is to make it about you.

Better Body Makeover Tips

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