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Big Dreams 5 Winner Character Traits to Achieve Them

Big dreams? In this series, I share 5-character traits essential to reaching your big dreams.

Sure, you have likely heard this a thousand times – reach your big dreams.

My hope is that you hear the phrase, “You Can Reach Your Big Dreams”, as many times and as often as needed to instill in you a firm resolve that you can reach your big dreams!

By-the-way, pay attention to the wording – reach YOUR big dreams.

Not my big dreams.

Not your business associates big dreams.

Not the person closest to you.

Not anyone other than you.

Business associates, friends, people closest to you, each are impacted by your achievements.

Some will be happy for you. Others not so. And a few will be downright nasty like crabs in a basket.

Crabs In A Basket

For several years I lived on the Island of Newfoundland.

One day, I was invited to go along on a snow crabbing boat. Throughout the day, I did my best to stay out-of-the way and watched as the crabs were hauled in and placed in tubs.

At the end of the day, as we were steaming to shore, I was looking at the snow crabs pushing and shoving, crawling over one another trying to get a grip on anything that would help them escape over the side of the plastic container.

A weathered fisherman came along side me, picked up a crab, and turning it over said “Time gone by we use to bring’em in by hand and put’em in baskets. At the start of the morn’n ya had to keep a lid on them baskets. But once ya had a few in ‘er you could set the lid aside ‘cause as one started climbing up, another would pull ‘er down.”

People are sometimes like crabs in a basket.

One crab in a basket will work hard to reach the top. It will stretch and grab hold of anything that might help pull it up from the bottom and out the top to freedom. A big dream achieved, at least for that crab.

Add a second, third, and more crabs in the basket and you don’t need the cover.


Because as each crab tries to work its way to the top, the ones beneath will grab and pull it down.

Now with crabs, we can understand the psychology is that they are not thinking about pulling the ones closer to the top down purposely or out of spite. All they are trying to do is grab hold of something, even another crab, to try and get to freedom.

Unfortunately, that is not always the way it is with people.

Yes, there will be some people who will come along side and give you a boost along your journey to achieving your big dream.

But there will be dream stealers. People who would rather see you stay at their level, the bottom of the basket. They are not looking to pulling themselves up. Their desire is to keep you down.

But it does not have to be that way for you.

Unlike snow crabs, you have the ability to shake the nay-sayers pulling you down off. It is not personal. It is just who they are. And, sadly, where they will always be; at the bottom of the basket.

Reach Your Big Dreams 5 Winner Character Traits

There are many character traits that will assist you along your journey to achieve your big dreams.

Age has nothing to do with any of them. Nor does education, talent, looks, your net worth or even how popular (or unpopular) you might be.

Complete this form to grab your copy of a complimentary 14-page report where I list 5-character traits.

They touch on failure, vision, delegation, perseverance, and you. These are the key character traits to reach your big dreams.

Crab baskets reach your big dreams

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