How to Make a Positive First Impression

How to Make a Positive First Impression

A positive first impression is essential in any personal or business relationship.

In days gone by, studies showed a first impression was made within the first two minutes of meeting someone for the first time. Today, it is not minutes but seconds.

Imagine, to make a positive first impression, all you have is seconds.

How to Make a Positive First Impression eBook

Is it possible to learn how to make a positive first impression?


Interpersonal skills is just as it says … skills when interacting with people.

Does the ebook teach you to be manipulative or sneaky?


The emphasis is on being you. Younot somebody else or someone you think you ought to be.

Anybody who is manipulative or sneaky will eventually be found out. In any relationship, business or social, it is rare for someone to be able to maintain a facade for any length of time. Even the best actor on stage will eventually miss a line.

It IS All About You

Included with the eBook are activities and a companion Workbook. Each is designed for you to develop a personal strategy to always make a positive first impression.

First impressions are the foundation for establishing a relationship. Whether it be a first date or a first meeting in a business relationship, those first few seconds are critical.

The How to Make a Positive First Impression ebook tackles three key tips:

  1. Know and be Known
  2. How to Make People Like You
  3. Gaining Trust

In addition to the workbook, there are links to other resources.

Put all of the material together and you will quickly discover that you can make a positive first impression each and every time you meet someone new.

What this means is positive outcomes for first dates, job interviews, making new friends, meeting new employees or management.

Regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you live, unless you want to be a hermit, be lonely, live on your own How to Make a Positive First Impression is for you.

Choice is a Privilege

Choice is one of the great privileges you have. You can choose to be on-your-own without friends, have poor relationships at work, never seem to get ahead, or have any real fun.

Or you can choose to put smiles on faces, have friends, be recognized at work and in social gatherings.

Choice … invest $4.95 for an eBook, workbook, and resources that can change your life.

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Eliminate Distractions How to Say NO to Distractions

How To Eliminate Distractions Say No to Distractions

Say No to Distractions

Say No to Distractions

Through this e-Book, we tackle the topic of eliminating distractions not only at work but throughout your life.

Yes, the increased productivity at work and even at home is important. But it goes far beyond that. There is so much more.

What’s In It for You

Why go through this e-Book?

Eliminating distractions will help you have more meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships with the people around you.

Fewer distractions give you time to unwind and relax.

Eliminating distractions can even reduce stress.

Who does not want a healthier life.

Plus, you will notice a lot of unexpected benefits when you start cutting out disruptions and distractions.

Throughout Say No To Distractions, we take a look at how distractions are hurting your productivity. It goes a lot deeper than you realize.

Distractions have a much more powerful effect on you than you may think.

Say No to Distractions ONLY 7.95

Take Back Control

Then we go over various types of distractions. Interrupters from those pesky alerts on your phone to unexpected visitors during crunch time.

More importantly, I show you what you can do to eliminate many of these distractions and take back control of your time and your life.

Finally, we wrap it up with ten simple things you can start doing as soon as you finish reading Say No To Distractions.

There is a lot of great information packed into the pages. But here is the catch.

It will not do you any good unless you take action.

Nothing is going to change unless you are willing to make some of the changes suggested throughout Say No To Distractions.

e-Book: Say No to Distractions ONLY 7.95

Absolutely. The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want

Absolutely! The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want

Absolutely! The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want

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Negotiation is the act of coming to an agreement on a topic that is important to all parties involved.

It may include conflict resolution so that the issue gets resolved without harsh words or hard feelings.

Real negotiation is coming up with the win-win.

Even though we negotiate all the time, most of us could be better at it.

Bargaining Skills Can Be Learned

You may think some people are born with what it takes to be great negotiators.

The good news is bargaining skills can be learned. They are not part of a special gene that only a lucky few have.

Negotiation skills help us in all kinds of ways:

  • Improve our interpersonal relationships
  • Save money
  • Resolve conflict amicably
  • Get ahead in a career (promotions, raises)
  • Build a solid business

Basically, being good at compromise makes for a happier life for everyone.

Absolutely! The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want


Absolutely! The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want

Absolutely! The Key Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want … 7.95

Say No to Distractions

Say No to Distractions presented by Jeffrey Doucet

Say No to Distractions

The average person is distracted every eleven minutes during the workday. Let that sink in for a minute.

Eleven minutes go by in the blink of an eye when you are working on a project.

Heck, it takes you half that time trying to figure out where you left off. And this is an average. That means some of us get distracted and disrupted a lot more frequently than that.

It is a wonder we get anything done.

If only you could figure out a way to eliminate some of these distractions. Imagine, how much your productivity would shoot up. You could finally start making progress in ways that really count.

That is what Say No To Distractions is all about… eliminating distractions so you can focus on those things that really matter!

60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy


60 Ways To Ask for The Sale Without Being Pushy

Get more sales. Close more deals.

Earn higher commission by knowing more ways to ask for a yes than your prospect has to say no.

Being pushy doesn’t work.

When was the last time you used closing tactics like …

  • Reduction-To-The Ridiculous
  • Thermometer Close
  • Feel-Felt-Found

Yesterday? Today? Never?

Not sure what they are?

That’s the value of 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale.

You will learn how to overcome objections. How to close again. And again. And again.

60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy For Serious Sales Consultants

Prospects know more ways to say NO than sales consultants know how to get a YES!

In this comprehensive closing manual, I describe and give examples for 60 of the most powerful closing tactics.

Included are my Top Five Winning Sales Closes

  1. Physical Action Close
  2. Test Drive Close
  3. Reduction-To-The-Ridiculous Close
  4. Thermometer Close
  5. Sharp Angle Sales Close

Plus my favorite – you’ll have to get the book to discover this one :)

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PS: The E-Book examples focus on automotive sales consultants. The closing techniques will work for you even if you are not in car sales. Closing is closing. Adapt the examples.

Get more sales. Be recognized as a champion closer.