Car salesman inventory is not what you think. In fact, automobile sales consultants often get confused about just exactly what a car salesman’s inventory really is.

That hit home recently when I met with a group of automobile salespeople to discuss the importance of prospecting.



There was a good cross section of experience in the room. Some salespeople were just starting others ranged from one year to twenty plus years in the automobile sales industry.


I opened with a question, How do you manage your inventory?

A couple of participants replied that was the Sales Manager or GM’s responsibility.

Others said management handled replenishing the inventory, but they had input.

A few looked at me as if I had two heads.

How About You – Who Takes Care of Your Inventory

“How do you manage your inventory?”

If you are like most automobile salespeople, your answer will focus on the steel on the lot – the number of new and used vehicles.

That inventory is important.

But it is nowhere near as important to your financial future as the real automobile salesman inventory you need to manage.

Cut To The Chase – Your Inventory Is PEOPLE

[pullquote align=”normal”]The only inventory that contributes to an automobile sales consultant’s financial success is PEOPLE. [/pullquote]

The Dealership might have the largest selection of vehicles in the area. But if you do not have people coming to buy them from you, then you are out-of-business.

During the prospecting workshop, it was the newbie automobile sales consultant who realized this.

He understood the concept that if he did not close the prospect on the first visit, he needed to ensure that prospect came back and asked for him.

Unfortunately, what happens all too often is automobile salespeople leave the prospect’s coming back to hope. (I hope they do. I hope they come back.)


When you have only a handful of prospects, follow up is easy.

When you have only a few sold customers, follow up is easy.

What about when you have 100, 200, 300, a thousand sold vehicles, how do you maintain contact then?

What about…

  • the walk-ins,
  • the folks who dropped in for a brochure,
  • service customers,
  • orphan customers,
  • the folks in your bowling league, sky diving club, or any group you are associated with.

How do you initiate and maintain follow-up with them?

Dealer Management System

Sure, if the Dealership has a good Dealer Management System you could house all of your contacts there.

In fact, many Dealerships insist sales consultants record all lot traffic in the DMS. If that is the case where you are, please be sure to do as requested.

But do not stop there.

If you are at all serious about building a solid repeat and referral business, you need to have an automated system in place to handle your follow ups.

You Need Your Own Contact Manager

If you are determined to get your prospects as be-backs, then you need to have a personal follow-up automation process in-place to ensure …

  1. prospects do come back to the Dealership and, most importantly,
  2. they buy from you.

Do you have a personal automated follow-up process in place?

Or are you okay leaving the DMS or chance to manage your income?

Unless you are in control of your sold list and prospect follow up process, you are leaving your financial security to chance.


When you start to focus on your real car salesman inventory, people, inventory management becomes much easier.

It’s people who put dollars in your pocket.

It’s people who have a need for reliable transportation.

It’s your job, as the automobile sales consultant, to satisfy that need.

As an automobile sales consultant, a personal contact manager combined with some basic marketing automation instruction will focus your energies in the right direction… care and nourishment of you car salesman inventory – suspects, prospects, customers!

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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