Car Salesman Selling Process TipsWhen I first learned this car salesman sales tip, it changed my complete approach to selling cars.

Ask different car salespeople what they think value your time means. You will get a whole bunch of different answers.

Some summarize it as earning enough to be financially secure.

That’s trading time for dollars.

Others desire to have more time and the financial resources to enjoy life.

Again, trading time for dollars.

What about you?

How do you value your time?

Rain Rain Go Away Car Salesman Needs Pay Today

Recently we had several days of rain. You could say buckets and buckets. Lot traffic was at an all-time low. Very few walk-ins or Ups.

For many in car sales, when lot traffic slows down, no car sales means no commission. That could spell disaster.

Has that ever happened to you?

I was there. Life was stressful!

That was before I met Dan Dan The Trailer Man.

What Changed

Car Salesman Selling Process Tips

Dan Dan The Trailer Man

Dan sold RVs.

What caught my attention was that he seldom missed a day without a prospect or two.

The weather, the economy, or even after being away on vacation, didn’t seem to make a difference.

Dan had deals on the board, appointments scheduled, and people coming to see him.

I wondered why, in an industry with fewer potential buyers than in automobile sales, he always had something on the go?

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Are you familiar with the saying “Sick and tired of being sick and tired“?

That was me. Nothing seemed to be working. I was fed up.

Asking for help is generally not a character trait of type A people. That’s me – type A. But I knew I needed help. So I stopped by Dan’s lot to see if he would give me the secret of being successful in commission sales. You know, that one automobile sales tip that would solve all of my problems.

3 Tips Not 1

Dan actually gave me three sales tips:

  1. have a system,
  2. work it every day,
  3. value your time.

He also showed me his day planner.

He had customized a calendar scheduling page into four quadrants. It had a place at the top for the day and month.

Car Salesman Value Your Time Selling Process Tips

Value Your Time Selling Process Tips

It wasn’t fancy.

But it was effective.

Quadrant 1: People Coming In

Quadrant 2: Prospects to Contact

Quadrant 3: Sold Customer Follow Up

Quadrant 4: Personal Development

Across the center was the caption …

Is What I’m Doing The Best Value For My Time

Car Salesman Sales Tip – Value Your Time

When I met Dan I had been selling cars for awhile. I felt like I knew how to sell automobiles. But I had never really understood the value of my time.

At first, I tried to put a dollar value on it.

Pretty easy I thought. Simply divide my annual income by the number of hours I was at the Dealership.

But then I thought, what about when I am not selling cars, is my time not valuable then?

Easy, just divide my total earnings by the hours in a year.

Ouch! Not worth very much?

No problem. That can be changed. All I need to do is sell more vehicles.

Time Trap Disaster

That’s the time trap disaster I fell into.

I started staying well after my shift to grab an extra Up or two. Being at the Dealership longer did result in more sales which increased the dollar value of my time.

Unfortunately, while I was so targeted on getting more deals, home life slumped to a new all time low.

Lesson learned – I interpreted ‘value your time’ all wrong.

I was focusing on VALUE as something you could put a price tag on and TIME as a thing.

How crazy is that.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Jeffrey Doucet”]You cannot put a dollar value on time. Time is not a commodity, a product like a microwave.[/pullquote]

Learning that was an automobile sales tip that changed not only how I now prepare for each day, but how I map out my life.

You Need A Dan

What Dan gave me was not a formula but a prescription. He saw I was sick. Being sick and tired of being sick and tired wears on you and it shows.

He didn’t just show me a system to sell more, he actually showed me how to be better – better at work, better at home, better all around.

This is a car salesman tip that really is golden.

Everyone Needs A Dan.

Role models, men and women we can learn from, are golden as we progress through life and our sales career.

Nothing Happens & Google Search & Top of Page XXX

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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