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Is a career selling cars right for me?

That was a question submitted to my Q&A forum.


Should you be a car salesman?

Great question. Bravo to you for asking.

Many unfortunate people go half-cocked into a job without considering “Is this a career I want?” And yes, a huge YES, selling cars is a career.

Lesson From My Sales Manager About a Career Selling Cars

As I thought about the question, I recalled a lesson from a past sales manager. He would say, “Jeffrey, as a Sales Champion, the world is your oyster.

At that time he was referencing dollars, the huge income potential available to sales professionals. Today I recognize it as the unlimited opportunity available to people who embrace sales as a profession. A career selling cars is a profession.

For aspiring sales people, my answer is that if it is simply about the dollars, an automobile sales career may not be the best future for you.

True, quality sales people have the potential for a huge income. Here’s the ‘but‘. But that income hinges on how well you serve others. If you are not a people person, you will eventually fail. If you are not a people person, a career selling automobiles will be challenging.

Sales Is Not About Selling

Sales is not about selling, it is about serving. Zig Ziglar coined it nicely when he wrote, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” A career in sales, especially automobile sales, is about serving the needs of people.

People do not buy cars, they purchase what the car, truck, SUV or widget will do for them. A need must to be filled. Salespeople, good automobile sales people, help people fill the need.

Here is the meat. Products do not sell themselves. People do not buy products. They purchase what that product will do for them. A truck to move stuff around. A four wheel drive SUV to give them peace of mind in winter driving. A high performance vehicle to… well you get the point.

Career Selling Cars Zig Zigular

People Buy For Their Reasons

When it comes to automobiles, people invest for their reasons – not the salesperson’s. The automobile salesman’s role is to guide the prospect to the right vehicle that fits their budget, lifestyle, and needs. The right vehicle, of course, on their lot.

So, back to the question, “Should you be an automobile salesman?” The answer rests with a question, “Are you a people person?

If you are, then automobile sales could indeed be financially rewarding for you.

In fact, anyone who truly embraces selling automobiles, trucks, SUVs, even selling recreational vehicles, will quickly learn the income potential is capped only by his or her ability, talent, and determination to help enough other people get what they want.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

​60-Ways To Ask for the Sale Without Being Pushy

​Closing is a process. From Greeting the Prospect through Delivery and beyond, automobile sales champions are always closing.