For commission salespeople, prospects are essential. This is a fact.

The question is, as a belly-to-belly commission salesperson, how can you grow your prospect list?

Solution …. Blogging!

Why? Blogging creates influence!

Commission Salespeople Grow Your Prospect List Through Influence

Commission Salespeople Grow Your Prospect List Through Influence

The Science of Influence for Commission Salespeople

Have you heard of Dr.Robert B. Cialdini?

Dr. Cialdini researches and writes about the science of influence. He is an expert in the field of …

  • persuasion,
  • compliance, and
  • negotiation.

Get the picture.

He knows, and his research has proven, what can drive your prospects’ behavior to turn them into buyers.

Blogging is a tool you can easily implement to achieve this.

Through a personal blog, commission salespeople can capture more prospects and turn fence sitters into buyers.

How Blogging Impacts Prospects’ Behavior

Commission Salespeople Grow Your Prospect List

Commission Salespeople Grow Your Prospect List

Regardless of your product or service, the goal for commission salespeople is to get to yes.

Depending on the product or service you represent, inking the deal, closing the sale, could be same day, same week, same month, same year or years down the road.

The longer the sales cycle, the more important it is you invoke as many of the ‘judgemental heuristics’ that Dr. Cialdni writes about.

His book, Influence: Science and Practice, maps mental cues that drive a prospect’s behavior.

Five of the mental cues are…

  • Reciprocity
  • Social proof
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity
  1. Reciprocity

When you give a prospect something for free, this triggers a psychological desire to give something back.

Commission salespeople can offer product reports, service schedules, recall notices, how-to videos, and other value content through regular updates on their blog.

2. Social Proof

When  readers comment on your blogs, that’s social proof.

And, when prospects share your content with other like minded shoppers, that leads to referrals and potentially more sales.

3. Liking

Buyers want to do business with commission sales people they know and like.


Because this leads to trust.

By creating rapport with prospects, commission sales people are bringing the liking factor into the mix.

 4. Authority

Commission salespeople who provide quality content on their product and offer free information about their service/product in a way that prospects look on as teaching are emulating authority.

5. Scarcity

Used appropriately, the psychology of scarcity is brings on the fear of loss. Missing out, getting the last one before the sale ends, drives buyers behavior to favor a get it now before they’re gone response.

How to Earn Loyalty

Commitment and consistency is actually the sixth influence researched by Dr. Cialdni.

This influence is the antidote for earning trust from potential buyers who don’t quite trust you yet.

Cialdni states “His behavior tells him about himself; it is a primary source of information about his beliefs and values and attitudes.

Translation, once your prospect makes a minor decision this indicates the prospect is ready to move to a bigger decision.

However, there is a finesse to this. There is often a need for commitment to multiple small choices or decisions. Combined, multiple Yeses will generally result in a sales.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!


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