Communicating sales targets in a way sales consultants appreciate leads to success. This is the Evaluation phase in the 3 E’s to hitting sales targets formula.

The real champion here is the sales manager.

60 Ways to Ask for The Sale Without Being Pushy

60 Ways to Ask for The Sale Without Being Pushy

Communicating Sales Goals – Feedback Meetings

Evaluation is ongoing. And sharing those observations with the sales consultant is also a continuous feedback loop.

Effective sales managers monitor each automobile salesperson’s daily activity in areas of:

  • vehicles sold,
  • gross per deal,
  • number of walk in contacts,
  • number outbound calls,
  • appointments secured,and so forth.

Based on the automobile salesman’s success and sales experience, the sales manager may hold follow-up reviews daily, weekly, or maybe only once a month.

The purpose of the meeting is to evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments for improvement.

The sales manager provides guidance, coaching, and mentoring during these meetings.

The desired outcome is for the automobile salesperson to at least meet, but preferably exceed, monthly sales quota. By doing this consistently, the salesperson, sales team, and Dealership will be successful.

Real Time Goal Setting Evaluation Feedback

Compared to other sales environments, automobile sales managers are able to provide real time feedback.

Sales managers in car Dealerships see each salesperson in action simply by walking the floor and listening.

Other sales managers have to schedule travel time with their salespeople in order to evaluate their skills and provide feedback.

Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager, wrote, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions!

As an automobile sales manager, communicating sales targets means your sales team understands what their sales goals are, what the game plan to achieve those goals is, and, most importantly, how they are doing.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Kenneth Blanchard”]Feedback is the breakfast of champions![/pullquote]

Communicating Sales Targets Champion Sales Manager

Being a champion automobile sales manager requires diligence and integrity.

If you are a salesman in a Dealership with such a sales manager, you are truly fortunate.

He or she is really doing you a favor when time and effort is invested with you on the three E’s…

  • Expectations are the sales goals,
  • Execution is the game plan,
  • Evaluation is the feedback.

Combined they are a winning formula for Dealership growth and sales consultant success.

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