Customers and Processes Survival Is A Choice

Customers and Processes

Customers and Processes are essential ingredients if you are to survive in this economy.

Regardless of your position or occupation, you absolutely need these two elements.

Element number one is More Customers.

The second is Viable Processes.

No Future Without New Customers

Until someone purchases your product or service, you are out-of-business.

Even more important is for survival you need more customers.

Sure, you have a great idea.

Agreed you need to put that idea into production.

Even if it is a service, you still have to create the system to attract clients. That is the same as production.

Without fresh revenue, your business is dying!

Produce until your facility is full. Produce until your service is fully documented. Without a customer, your savings will eventually be gone. Your investors will be looking for a return. You will fail!

This holds true for not-for-profit.

They may not be called customers. But without donors, contributors, alumni to support the vision, you will fail.

And it also holds true for commission sales people.

Until you sell something, bring in business of your own, attract new clients, you are out-of-business. You will get away with living off of re-orders from existing customers for a while. But once the honeymoon is over, if you are not bringing in new revenue, you will be out-the-door.

Processes Secure The Future

Element number 2 is Viable Processes.

With targets in mind, processes are the steps or actions required to consistently and successfully arrive there.

Processes are not finite. Processes have parameters. There are boundaries.

When implemented, processes are the best practices to achieve the desired result. Like customers, processes should receive ongoing attention.

Why viable processes?

Because business is not linear. It is dynamic.

What works today gradually erodes with shifts outside of the business. Customers, your clients or donors, are being continuously wooed to spend/donate their dollars elsewhere.

Without viable processes to keep your offering fresh in the mind of your customers, donors, or clients, revenue will diminish.

The paradox is investing to gain new revenue whilst existing supporters fade away.

Customers and Processes Getting It Right

Perhaps you are just starting out in commission sales and need a hand.

Maybe you are a small business or a solo entrepreneur with an idea to hatch.

Or, you might be struggling with stale, outdated processes. Things change. You need to catch up.

Whatever your situation, getting it right is up to you.  It is that simple.

But you do not have to go it alone!

Call me. Call somebody else.

Smart people recognize their strengths. They work their strengths and get others to do what they are not so good at.

The alternative, suffer through. Hope for the best.

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