First impression skills can be learned. The following 2 skills are the nuts and bolts of making a lasting positive first impression.

Making a positive first impression takes only a few seconds. It also requires only a few seconds to do or say something where the consequence may be impossible to fix.

2 First Impression Skills

First Impression Skill # 1 Be Honest

In our youth, most of us learn this fundamental truth, be honest. Yet, many people embellish the truth about themselves.

For example, during a job interview, people boast of how they made a project successful or how they are very good at doing a specific task.

The truth is they contributed little to the project or only have a basic understanding of how to do a task.

Little white lie is okay, right?

The first impression skill of honesty goes beyond interviewing for a job.

Like a job interview, on a first-date, people tend to spin-their-story. They do this thinking this will win the heart of the person they are with.

Little white lie is okay, right?

[pullquote align=”normal”]Embellishing who your are is foolhardy. [/pullquote]

The first impression skill of honesty is important because embellishing who you are is foolhardy.

Why Foolhardy

First, astute potential employers will do a background check.

Similarly, first dates and people you meet for the first time do exactly what you do when you meet someone new – check their social media profiles.

By-the-way, is your social media profile consistent with who you are?

It needs to be. Potential employers check-it out. Would be dates, check-it out. And everyone and anyone who you meet for the first time is likely to look at your social media footprint.

If you are anything less than you, you will be found out.

First impression skill number one – be honest.

By-the-way, why do I say ‘skill’?

Answer, because it is so easy to fall into the trap of little white lies that you have to consciously work at being truthful. Being honest ought to come natural. Today you have to learn it.

First Impression Skills #2 Be You

First Impression Tips Be YouTrying too hard to make a great first impression can be disastrous. What happens, is that you try to be what is out-of-character for you. Most people can see through this.

The secret to a great start is just being you.

Okay, sounds easier than said. You want to be liked. You want the job. Maybe you are even a little self-confident, so you try to pretend to be more macho than you are.

Unfortunately, you cannot keep up the charade forever.

Just being you means the other person, potential employer or potential love, meets the real you. If there is not a good match between the real you, better to find out now than weeks down the road.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Better to not start a relationship, than to have one based on a disguise. [/pullquote]

First impression skill number 2 is stop trying and just be. Be you.

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