Winning First Impression

How to Give a Winning First Impression Now


How to give a winning first impression now and every time can be learned. Here are 5 “how to” tips to give a positive first impression.

When it comes to modern-day society and life, whether you are in a business meeting or a social encounter, your very first impression is incredibly important.

When people first meet you, they will judge and remember you by that mental picture they take.

Many people make first impression mistakes without even knowing it. In this post, we share five key how to tips to help you give a winning first impression now.



2 First Impression Skills

2 First Impression Skills You Can Do Now

First impression skills can be learned. The following 2 skills are the nuts and bolts of making a lasting positive first impression.

Making a positive first impression takes only a few seconds. It also requires only a few seconds to do or say something where the consequence may be impossible to fix.

2 First Impression Skills


First Impression Tips Blame Game

Self Image Makeover How To Do It

Your self image makeover starts with introspection.

Self Image Makeover First Impression Tips Introspection is defined by as “the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes“.

Introspection helps us learn about ourselves.

Learning about ourselves is the first step in your self image makeover.

How to Start Your Self Image Makeover

Looking inside ourselves helps us see that we are not perfect. It gives us the right balance for doing what is right. It qualifies that doing whatever we want, no matter the circumstance, is not the best choice.

People who are not introspective, not in touch with their emotional processes, often blame others for all of their problems. They do this even when it is their fault. (more…)

Dress for Success First Impression Tips

Why A Better Body Image Is Not Necessary

Better Body Image First Impression Tips

Better Body Image First Impression Tips

Wanting a better body image is often stimulated by external factors.

It is no big revelation that each of us is influenced by media. And, most of us understand that how we see ourselves is, unfortunately, all too often shaped to be what we see in someone else.

Society puts a good deal of pressure on people to look healthier, be thinner, live livelier more wholesome lives.

What is dangerous is when we strive to shape our body like a superstar we admire. (more…)

Personal Self Image Be Bold


Personal Self Image First Impression TipsOur personal self image is our daily guide post. It is our identity. And it is fragile.

You may have been told that there is always people who are better than you and there always will be. People hear that from parents, teachers, and even friends.

But, what you probably don’t hear as often, is that you are better than a lot of people.

Everyone has their strengths. And even though your strengths may not be as developed as some, they will be well above many others.

There is no excuse for not being better tomorrow than you are today. No excuse, that is, so long as you want to. If you have no desire to improve your personal self image, then there is no one who can help you.

It all starts with you. It all ends with you. And, in-between, your personal self image is all about what you do with the talents you have.