Get more car sales by knowing more ways to ask for a yes than your prospect has to say no.

Stuff happens for a reason.

Here’s why I prepared 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy.

It was actually a brutal awakening, for me.

I had been in car sales for a while and my closing ratio was dismal. Week-after-week I was always at the bottom of the board; the lowest producer. I had to get more sales.

My Sales Manager would give me pep talks, encouragement, and explain some how to’s. He’d get me to do more walk arounds, go over features, but minimal improvement resulted. Regardless of what I did, I just couldn’t seem to to get more car sales.

I knew my stuff. I knew the vehicles. I gave great presentations. But I wasn’t getting the sales.

Eureka Moment

Then it happened.

Quite accidentally I overheard the top producer on the phone with a prospect. I only heard his side of the conversation. But what I heard him ask changed everything for me.

It was a Eureka moment!

I went straight to my desk. Got out my prospect list. I immediately started dialing.

In roughly thirty minutes I was able to reach four qualified prospects. Actually, I shouldn’t really refer to them as prospects because they had already bought.

They Bought At Another Dealership

They had bought elsewhere – not from me.

I knew that when I called them.

I knew another salesman had earned a commission I should have had.

That is exactly why I selected these people to call.

Each call went something like this, “Hello Mr. Smith, this is Jeffrey at ABC Motors. I just need a quick moment. Is this a good time?

The prospect answered yes, one of them actually said “Jeffrey, you know I already bought.

Once I was given permission, I continued with “I realize you bought elsewhere. That is exactly the reason I am calling. Could you tell me what I could have done differently?

That was it.

To each one I simply asked what I could have done differently to get the sale.

Most Helpful – But Didn’t Ask

I only got to speak with four people. But it was as if they were sitting together or had scripted their answer.

Each, in their own words, explained why he didn’t buy from me.

The consensus was that I really knew my cars. They each commented that I did an awesome presentation. And, I was the most helpful automobile salesman of all.

But the reason they bought elsewhere is because of what I did not do.

  • I didn’t ask for the sale.
  • I didn’t ask for a commitment.
  • I didn’t ask to take delivery today.
  • I didn’t show any sense of urgency.

Message Loud And Clear

The message was loud and clear.

Had I asked, I would have had a sale.

It hurt. It was painful. Yet, it was feedback I needed.

I determined right then and there to always ask for the sale.

And I stated doing it. Every opportunity.

Another Hurdle to Get More Car Sales


Then came another hurdle.

Prospects knew more ways to say ‘NO‘ than ways I knew to ask for a commitment.

So I started keeping notes. I created a three ring binder. Whenever I would hear of a new closing tactic, I would add it to the list.

Soon I had a serious repertoire of different ways of handling sales objections and close.

That’s what you will find in 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy.

I compiled a lot of killer information for you in the e-book.

So make sure you get acquainted with each of the strategic closes and when to best use them.

It is awesome material.


Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

ONLY 6.95 While Available


Asking for the sale and handling objections is what many automobile sales people find difficult.

There are lots of reasons for this. At the top is not knowing how and not knowing what to do if the prospect says No.

That’s what this e-book is all about.

Knowing multiple closing techniques is super important.

It is so essential that you nail every closing opportunity by having an arsenal of proven sales closing techniques to work with.

How Many How To Close Sales Tactics Do You Know

When was the last time you used closing tactics like …

* Reduction-To-The Ridiculous* Thermometer Close* Feel-Felt-Found

Yesterday? Today? Never? Not sure what they are?

That’s the value of 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy.

You will gain a lot of valuable information on how to overcome objections and close again, and again, and again.

Perhaps you are like I was.

Perhaps you are not closing as many prospects as you ought to and just don’t know why?

If that is you, I understand.

It is very likely that no one ever showed you how.

It’s not a mistake you made on purpose.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes “Now You Know“. And with knowing comes responsibility.

If I knew that I could better my financial position for my family simply by selling a few more vehicles, would it be responsible of me to look the other way?

I agree. Absolutely not!

Only a fool would chose not to do something that would make life better.

Sell More. Hold More Gross. Have Fun.

Is there any reason you won’t be taking delivery of your copy now?

Included In 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

My Top Five Sales Closes

  1. Physical Action Close
  2. Test Drive Close
  3. Reduction-To-The-Ridiculous Close
  4. Thermometer Close
  5. Sharp Angle Sales Close

Other Closing Techniques …My Favorite plus all of these


  • Adjournment Sales Close
  • Affordable Sales Close
  • Alternate Advance Close
  • Alternate Choice
  • Assumptive Sales Close
  • Balance Sheet Close
  • Ben Franklin Sales Close
  • Bonus Sales Close
  • Buddy System Sales Close
  • Colombo Sales Close
  • Competition Sales Close
  • Conditional Sales Close
  • Customer Care Close
  • Doorknob Sales Close
  • Driveway Sales Close
  • Either or Sales Close
  • Erroneous Conclusion Sales Close
  • Fact Weighing Scale Sales Close
  • Feel Felt Found Sales Close
  • Handover Sales Close
  • Handshake Sales Close
  • Hat In Your Hand Sales Close
  • Hat Trick Sales Close
  • Hot Potato Sales Close
  • If I Could..Would you…
  • Impending Event Sales Close
  • Incremental Sales Close
  • Indirect Sales Close
  • Involvement Sales Close
  • Last Chance Sales Close


  • Limited Supply Sales Close
  • Minor Point Sales Close
  • Money Objection Close
  • Negative Yes Sales Close
  • Outhouse Sales Close
  • Policy Sales Close
  • Porch Light Sales Close
  • Porcupine Sales Close
  • Preference Sales Close
  • Proof Sales Close
  • Puppy Dog Sales Close
  • Re-Demo Sales Close
  • Re-Presentation Sales Close
  • Return On Investment Sales Close
  • Scale Of One To Ten Sales Close
  • Scarcity Sales Close
  • Secondary Sales Close
  • Similar Situation Close
  • Sold Row Sales Close
  • Summary Sales Close
  • Sympathy Close
  • Take Away Sales Close
  • Testimonial Sales Close
  • The Preference Sales Close
  • Think It Over Sales Close
  • Will You Level With Me Sales Close
  • Worksheet Sales Close
  • Yes – Yes Sales Close
  • Yes-Set Sales Close



Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy


Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

Get More Car Sales 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

6.95 While Available