Get Quality Sales Leads

To get quality sales leads on a regular basis, you need referral partners. Referral partners are people who know how to recognize a quality lead for you. And they know how to prepare that lead for your follow up.

Get Quality Sales Leads Selling Process Tips

To get referral partners, you need a process. More importantly, you need a process you can put on autopilot. With it running on its own, you can focus on what you do best – building your network, working walk in traffic, selling, or all three!

How to Develop Referral Partners

The process to develop referral partners requires some elbow grease in the beginning. But once the process is in place, it will take care of itself, with occasional tweaks from you.

Here are the 3 essential ingredients to get quality sales leads:

  1. all contacts must be in a contact manager
  2. each contact has a relationship role
  3. relationship roles are linked to a follow up schedule

The process would look like this:

  • work the follow up schedule per the reminders
  • add new contacts to the contact manager
  • tweak as required
  • repeat

Add All Contacts to a Contact Manager

Who should be in your contact manager? Everyone!!

That is right. Family, friends, sold customers, prospects, suspects, your dart team, network… Everyone!

You need to get rid of business cards with names on the back. Post-it-notes need to be tossed, after you enter the information of course.

The goal is to have all of your contacts and any relevant information about those contacts in one place.

Relationship Role: Lists or Buckets

Each contact should be assigned a relationship role.

Assigning relationship roles is simply placing the contact in a list or bucket. The terms list and bucket are interchangeable.

For example, you could have a list titled CUSTOMERS. All contacts who are customers would be in that list. Or let’s say you are on a bowling team. You could have a bucket titled BOWLING. You would assign all of your bowling team contacts to that bucket. A bucket is simply a list of related contacts.

Can a contact belong to more than one bucket or list? Absolutely.

For example, some on your bowling team members might also be customers. They would be assigned to both lists.

Value of Lists or Buckets

List or buckets are for organization and scheduling.

Let’s say you want to call each of your bowling team members to remind them about an upcoming competition. Because each is assigned to your BOWLING bucket, you simply search for that bucket. All of the team members are listed. This is much easier that thumbing through a Rolodex or searching for each name individually.

Linking Lists to a Follow Up Schedule

Here is the secret sauce to get quality sales leads. Each list or bucket is linked to a follow up schedule.

For referral partners, that schedule would look something like this:

  • 30 day email
  • 30 day telephone call
  • repeat

What this means is that at minimum the 10 to 12 people you have groomed to be referral partners will receive an email from you followed by a phone call. The cycle will be every 30 days. That is, one 30 day cycle a phone call. The next 30 day cycle an email.

With a proper contact manager, you should be able to create an email and then send it to everyone listed in your REFERRAL PARTNER bucket. Or, when the reminder pops up to call them, opening the list would give you each of their telephone numbers.

Why Proper Contact Manager


Not all contact managers are the same.

For your referral partners, in fact all contacts,  you want to be able to track and log the outcome of telephone calls. Not all contact managers do this.

You want a contact manager where you can send regular email as well as video and audio email.

And you want a contact manager that you can grow with. As your business or network grows, newsletters, autoresponders, and tracking becomes important.

To get quality sales leads, having the right tool to manage your contacts will prove to be invaluable.

Consider this. What is one additional sale worth to you? What is the value of one additional person in your network? How much is one new customer a month worth?


Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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