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​Goal planning software to de-clutter the brain. ​By simply giving your brain a rest, you will achieve more.

​Goals On Track Goal Planning Software

Goals On Track encompasses all essential mapping modules for managing life, career, and business.

More significantly, this all-inclusive goal planning software includes modules for habit tracking and journaling. And, for those of us who are more visual, a vision board feature, complete with audio, allows for ​visualizing outcomes.

​Goal Planning Software Real Life Application

A cornerstone of David Allen‘s Getting Things Done is the notion of clearing the clutter out of our head.

The idea is to have a place where all the calendar, task, and activity stuff housed between our ears is dumped. And, instead of having to remember each little detail, every appointment, all of our things to do, the goal planning software would do it for us.

De-cluttering our mind not only gives our brain a break, it also reduces stress and related anxieties. Anxieties associated with attempting to manage life in our head.

​Maid Service for Our Brain

Why is house cleaning our brain important?

Simply, like maintenance on any machine, when our brain gets the rest it needs, we are at peace and more productive. We get the things done that need doing, and more!

De-cluttering is even more important for another reason. Rest!

Here’s how Debbie Hampton at TheBestPossibleBrain.com explains it, “The brain is much more active – and more likely to tire – than any other muscle or organ in your body. Evidence shows that your brain cycles from highest attention to lowest attention every 90 minutes in what’s called an ultradian rhythm. You can only maintain focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs to rest.

Our brain may be Olympian but it needs maintenance, time to rest, and quiet time. One way of doing that is to de-clutter.

Einstein is quoted as saying, “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.

Today’s interpretation might be de-clutter our brain, download and automate.

Goals On Track Goal Planning Software Solution

Einstein, Allen, and Hampton suggest we need to do some grey matter house cleaning.

Essentially, we need more than a day planner, to do list, ​or a note pad. And, we need to be serious about the action we take.

There are plenty of apps and software options available. ​My recommendation is Goals On Track. I’ve tried many ​alternatives. I’ve stuck with Goals On Track because life – personal, career, corporate – is not simple. And, it definitely is not linear.

Goals On Track is an all-in-one goal planning software system that allows us to dissect the complexities of our day-to-day. Perhaps even more important, this goal planning software solution is a definite catalyst ​for de-cluttering.

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