Hitting sales targets is how sales managers and commission salespeople earn bonuses. This is the good news.

Hitting Sales Targets Strategy

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The bad news is how the target for each sales consultant is determined.

In most car stores, the Dealer Principal provides the General Sales Manager the sales target for the next year. In a franchise store, the new vehicle sales target is strongly influenced by the Manufacturer.

Hitting Sales Targets Rests With The Sales Manager

When there is no store General Sales Manager, it is the Sales Manager who is responsible to hit the store sales target. She accomplishes this by each sales consultant hitting their targets.

How the sales manager arrives at sales targets for the salespeople is not consistent across Dealerships.

Some Sales Managers divide the store target by the number of sales consultants. That number is divided by twelve months. This becomes the monthly sales target for the salespeople.

Other Sales Managers divide the total number of vehicles to be sold by twelve months. That becomes the monthly target for the sales team.

And there are automobile Sales Managers who set no individual targets and do no planning.

3 Step Strategy for Hitting Sales Targets

Sales managers who reach their sales targets are successful because they work with their sales team.

Accountability for reaching the Dealership sales target is the Sales Manager’s. Team members are responsible to reach their monthly sales goal.

The three step strategy for hitting sales targets starts with the Sales Manager identifying and listing the strengths of each salesperson.

Next a meeting is scheduled with each sales consultant. The purpose of that meeting is to discuss expectations.

Expectations is the first step in the 3 step strategy.

Step 2 is Execution.

Step 3 is Evaluation.

Next Post, we’ll cover setting EXPECTATIONS.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

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