List building tools are the foundation for earning a six figure sales commission income. Most automobile salespeople consider the vehicles on the lot as their inventory.


List Building Tools Unique People Resource

Don’t be fooled.

The steel on the lot is not your inventory. Nor are the cars in the showroom. And, neither is your demo.

Your Inventory Is People NOT Vehicles

Regardless of the brand or manufacturer your represent, new or used cars, your inventory is people.

Without people, there would be no market for car sales. There would be no commission.

Your List Building Tools Daily Activity

Using your list building tools is an everyday activity. That’s why it is essential you have a personal (in addition to the dealership DMS) contact manager to manage your contact list, your people inventory.

That inventory is:• people who bought from you (maybe even when you were elsewhere)• people you know (friends, family, groups/clubs you belong to)• phone ups, internet ups, e-leads• lot traffic; ups• referrals, suspects and• everyone you meet.

That’s right; with proper list building tools, anyone you come in contact with should be added to your people inventory.

List Building Tools 24/7 Availability Is Important

Why List Building Tools are a Unique People Resource

A proper list building tools solution ought to be available 24/7, wherever you are.

You’ve heard the stories of cars being sold while playing golf, over lunch, and at casual gatherings.

For example, a Realtor friend told me a sale he secured when he was getting a haircut. He heard the customer in the next chair tell the barber that he was thinking about listing his condo. Haircut over, my friend introduced himself and asked if the seller had chatted with any agents. From his mobile device, he captured the contact information, scheduled an appointment, and put in motion a sequence of emails to strengthen the relationship.

As an automobile salesman, how often has it happened where someone recognized you and said “I’m in the market for a car” or “One of the guys I work with is looking for a truck…” or something similar?

Having the right list building tools available, you can easily get the essential contact information and start a series of tasks focused on locking-in this sale. When it comes to hot prospects, you need to act – now, not later.

Summary: Learn More About List Building Tools

In automobile sales, a personal list building tools solution is the cornerstone of your business.

As a car salesman, you are continuously on the lookout for suspects, prospects, and referrals.

Keeping contact information on the back of a match book, a note pad or note book, or even in an app on your smartphone is the curse of missed commissions.

And waiting until you get back to the dealership or until your next shift, is too late to make that first solid contact. You need to touch base with new leads right away.

The one and only way for you to do that is by implementing a contact management strategy that starts with a personal suite of list building tools.

Josh Rogers Shares a Winning List Building Tactic

In this 3 minute video, Josh shares a winning tactic for working his lists.

Josh is in real estate. But his experience will work just as well for you.


Click here for more information about how easy simple using video is to build your list.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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