How to Finish Your Year Strong First Impression Tips

Finish Your Year Strong How to Excel

Finish your year strong. Excel in doing so at the same time?

You can! It is not pie-in-the sky!

How to Finish Your Year Strong First Impression Tips

“Finish Your Year Strong” How is the Question

But, ask the question, “Want to finish the year strong?” and I am betting that just about anyone will respond with a boisterous “You bet, I’m in!

Unfortunately, that is where the rubber meets the road.

Everyone wants a strong finish. Unfortunately, for most people, it is not the wanting the results that is the challenge. It is finding out exactly how to make it happen that is the problem. (more…)

First Impression Tips Blame Game

Self Image Makeover How To Do It

Your self image makeover starts with introspection.

Self Image Makeover First Impression Tips Introspection is defined by as “the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes“.

Introspection helps us learn about ourselves.

Learning about ourselves is the first step in your self image makeover.

How to Start Your Self Image Makeover

Looking inside ourselves helps us see that we are not perfect. It gives us the right balance for doing what is right. It qualifies that doing whatever we want, no matter the circumstance, is not the best choice.

People who are not introspective, not in touch with their emotional processes, often blame others for all of their problems. They do this even when it is their fault. (more…)

Get Quality Sales Leads

Get Quality Sales Leads Guaranteed Results

Get Quality Sales Leads

To get quality sales leads on a regular basis, you need referral partners. Referral partners are people who know how to recognize a quality lead for you. And they know how to prepare that lead for your follow up.

Get Quality Sales Leads Selling Process Tips

To get referral partners, you need a process. More importantly, you need a process you can put on autopilot. With it running on its own, you can focus on what you do best – building your network, working walk in traffic, selling, or all three!

How to Develop Referral Partners


Value of Customer Referrals


The value of customer referrals is underestimated by automotive commission salespeople and sales managers.

Value of Customer Referrals Selling Process Tips

Some automobile salespeople feel asking a customer for a referral is beneath them. Others believe that if the customer is happy with them, the customer, on their own initiative, will refer people.

What is scary is the number of automobile salespeople who simply see no value in customer referrals. They know they should ask. But do n0t bother to. (more…)

Sell Product Online


So you want to sell product online. But you are not quite sure how to get started. Or, if you are like I was, you have no idea at all as to what to do.

Website Web Hosting Services Get Up and Running Fast

Website Web Hosting Services Get Up and Running Fast

Starting Point to Sell Product Online

Before you even start looking for any of the web services you will need to sell product online, step number one is decide what you will be selling.

Okay, I know you are thinking this sounds too easy.

I started off with the idea that my service would be for everyone in sales. I quickly learned that ‘everyone in sales‘ is way too broad. Anytime we say everyone, it is for no one. (more…)

Powerful Blogging Features OfficeVP

Powerful Blogging Features Engineered for Positive Results

Powerful blogging features engineered for positive results is a huge mouthful.

Blogging Features for Professionals

Truth is, it is what has been missing in the blogging and E-marketing arena.

Don’t get me wrong. All the essential tools, and then some, are indeed available today. The software is not the issue.

Important Blogging Features


Exposed The Hidden Art of Selling Cars


The art of selling cars is in personal contact. The relationship between the car salesperson and the prospect.[pullquote align=”normal”]

Selling cars is a people business![/pullquote]

Professional automobile salespeople know personal contact is the most effective method to secure repeat and referral business. Repeat and referral automotive sales is the foundation for a secure commission income.


Car Salesman Inventory

Revealing Car Salesman Inventory That Hides The Big Money

Car salesman inventory is not what you think. In fact, automobile sales consultants often get confused about just exactly what a car salesman’s inventory really is.

That hit home recently when I met with a group of automobile salespeople to discuss the importance of prospecting.



There was a good cross section of experience in the room. Some salespeople were just starting others ranged from one year to twenty plus years in the automobile sales industry.