Personalized marketing through easy simple video gets results.

Personalized Marketing Easy Simple Video Gets Results

When you think “Personalized,” think words and content swapped in by mail merge or variable data.

Think email sends automated based on trigger events.

When you receive an email with your first name in the subject line or in the email body, you think personalized. This tactic results in more email open rates

When you receive an email based explicitly on your past behavior or expressed interests, you see it as personalized.

When Netflix sends you an email about the release of Season 4 of a show you binge-watched the first 3 Seasons of a few months back, that is personalized.

From simple data like first name or city name to more complex data or triggered events like topics browsed, shopping cart items abandoned, or website pages visited, a personalized piece enters content based on what the database “knows.”

As a salesperson, entrepreneur, or network marketer you can easily do all of this through your database.

Personalized Marketing Through Easy Simple Video

Tools recommended through Easy Simple Video to serve “personalized” include:

  • Ability to make as many lists as you want around any theme you want
  • Ability to segment new lists based on email actions or non-actions
  • Ability to create custom fields for form fills and list uploads
  • Ability to add variable data into subject lines and email bodies
  • Ability to send emails and video emails to one or more specific lists
  • Ability to move from personalized to personal based on live, real-time alerts

“Personalized” doesn’t necessarily mean mass.

You could create one video email for a specific circumstance that occurs over an over – like a new website lead or a client going under contract. The video is the same. The subject line and email body are the same (with, perhaps, variable data slugs). The send could be manually triggered or automatically triggered through a web form .

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