Selling Process Tips Follow Up by the Pros
The Gold IS in the Follow Up

Throughout my sales career, it never ceased to astonish me that the busiest people always found a way to say ‘Thank you‘.

This is a card I received from Joe Verde Jr.

He is thanking me for follow-ups I did with him.

Joe’s follow-up exemplifies three professional salesmanship lessons …

  1. always show your appreciation,
  2. do it often,
  3. you never know who will see your card, be professional.

As a sales professional, there are lots of opportunity to keep your name in front of your suspects, prospects, and customers. Having a branded card and video email or text work best.

The personalized follow up service I use is video in email and video in text. I can do both on the go direct from my mobile phone.

By doing this, I am able to leverage my time and stay fresh in my customers’ and prospects’ mind.

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