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One of my automotive sales clients asked for assistance in mapping a sales commission goal. Her goal, “Achieve $78,000 in sold vehicle commission by the end of ​the year!“In this tutorial, I will walk through the steps she worked through to map ​her sales commission goal. Sales Commission Goal Tutorial

Sales Commission Goal Tutorial

The script for the sales commission goal tutorial is below the video.

The mapping a sales commission goal video gives you a complete walk through. It is about 7 minutes long.

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One Calendar Year Achieve $78000 Sales Commission!

Alright, let’s get started. Once you sign-in to your GoalsOnTrack account, on the dashboard, top right, is a green CREATE GOAL icon. Click on it.

Step 1: Name Your Goal

For my automotive sales client, she named this goal $78,000 Commission 2019

Step 2: Enter the Start and End Date

Her target is to achieve the commission in the current year.

Start date February 1, 2019. End date December 31, 2019.

Since one month of the calendar year had already passed, she will start her sales commission goal mapping as of the first of February. However, we will still account for her January earned commissions. You will see how in the next step.

Step 3: How Will Progress be Tracked?

Progress toward her sales commission goal will be updated manually. Because she is tracking dollar amounts that vary each month, the amounts have to been recorded as she receives her commission vouchers or deposits slips.

Step 4: Measure From and To / Measure Label / Current Progress

These three fields focus on your measurement standard. In this example, she is measuring progress toward achieving her sales commission goal of 78,000 dollars. Hence, the Measurement Label is dollars ($).

Step 5: Vision / Purpose / Obstacles / Resources

Creating any goal is more than pulling numbers or a desired end result out-of-the air. Successful goal achievers are just that, successful, because they not only identify what has to be done, but also why the goal is important.

In some respects, this is similar to a SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Here is how our automotive sales consultant outlined the foundation of her sales commission goal:


Achieving this goal will set enough money aside to buy my own place.


1. Maintain lifestyle.

2. Secure a mortgage to buy a condo.


• Floor traffic    • Advertising    • Product    • Economy    • Vacation / Training / Sickness


• Personal Sold List    • Orphan Accounts    • Service Customers    • My Blog / Social Media    • Networking    • Community Event Participation

Step 6: Picture

I will come back to this

Step 7: Category

You can have any number of categories for mapping your goals and life. She categorized ​this goal as Financial.

Core Sales Commission Goal Outline Complete

That’s it. The skeleton of her sales commission goal to achieve $78,000 ​in one calendar year is complete.

To save the goal, click the icon titled Save this Goal.

When you return to the Goals On Track dashboard, notice in addition to the outline of the sales commission goal there ​a default picture appears. This picture can be replaced by adding a URL of what you want to represent your vision of this goal or by adding an image from your library.

For example, if you were looking at a specific condo, you could grab the link to an image of the building and add it (Step 6). Or, my recommended method, upload an image.

As an aside, I am often asked, “Is completing each of these steps necessary?”

Answer: It depends on if you are just playing at life or if you are serious about living the life you desire.

In this example, the automotive sales consultant  is well on her way to achieving her sales commission goal.

Why? Because she has the big picture of why it is important to her.

Next, she’ll map out an ACTION PLAN. A combination of sub-goals and tasks.


Stuck in your career. Life in a shambles. Going no where.Isn’t it time to get serious?

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