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A sales training library is the mark of a serious sales consultant.

What’s in his or her personal sales training library, hints of success.

Zig Ziglar, an up from the trenches sales trainer, said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.

Sales Training Library Fast Sales Training Center

Sales Training Library Fast Sales Training Center

Sales Training Library Don’t Be A Sleaze

Walk into any automobile dealership with more than two sales people and you will find two groups of sales consultants.

The first are those who talk about how good they are at moving steel.

The second are the sales consultants who actually ink the deals.

Who would you want as a role model?

I purposely mentioned about Ziglar being up-from-the trenches because if I were going to model someone, I would want that someone to have first hand experience, be believable, and not just all hype.

Today’s Car Buyer

The day of the sharp tongue, quick response, shoot from the hip car salesman is over. That’s right – OVER!

In days gone by a car shopper had to go to the dealership to see the inventory. It was the sales consultant who had all of the information.

A shopper even had to go to the dealership to get a brochure. And, smart car dealerships would place the brochure rack away from entrance so that a sales person would be able to nab the prospect before he or she could get one and leave.

Those days are gone.

Car buying studies tells us that 80% plus of car buyers shop online before stepping onto the lot.

This means that the majority of buyers know:

  • what they want,
  • know most – if not all – of the features and options,
  • have a good idea as to what the market value is.

By-the-way, the study holds true for both new and pre-owned vehicles.

You Need To Be Technology Savvy

Your sales training library needs to be more than product knowledge and selling skills.

It is more and more common for prospects to ask me to text them as compared to calling or email.

And be prepared to provide short to-the-point responses. Part of the reason is the limited number of characters or words in a text. The more important reason is prospects want just the information they want and not the glitz.

Sales Consultants Need to be Tech Savvy

Sales Consultants Need to be Tech Savvy

Are You Video Savvy

What about video? Can you quickly provide a prospect with a video presentation or walk around?

By-the-way, every now and then I encounter a salesperson who suggests “..all that technology stuff…” is not important.

Once again studies prove that the more senses a salesperson can engage with a prospect, the better the opportunity of getting the sale.

And, please, don’t get caught up in thinking it is not like that in my community or town. Because of the information available through the internet, buyers will travel outside of their local shopping area to get what they want.

Need some convincing about this. If your dealership has a service department, ask the service manager how many of your brand vehicles he services that were bought elsewhere. They are missed sales.

Sales Training Library Expanded

Automobile sales, that is being a certified automobile sales consultant, like any other profession requires ongoing learning and keeping up with technology. Imagine your dentist not having the latest technology to provide an accurate diagnosis of your aching tooth.

The same analogy holds true for your prospect.

Don’t get left behind! Stay current. Invest in your future. Start reading. Start listening to audio books. Start watching videos on the true sales champions. Start today.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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