Screencast Software

Screencast software improves productivity. But first, are you familiar with screencasting?

A screencast is simply a recording of what you see on your computer screen. Often, screencasts will include audio or background music.

Below are 4-ways screencasting increases productivity. Here's what is truly significant. 80% recall!


That's right. With the right screencast software, studies prove that 30-days after watching a screencast, 80% of the people can recall it. Specifically, videos 60-seconds or less have the highest retention rate while a video 2 to 3 minutes long drops to 60%.

What is important to appreciate in preparing any screencast is that 100% recall or retention is not what you are after. What you want is viewer engagement.

Other Names for Screencast

Juliet pleads, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet…"

Such is using the term 'screencast'.

Some relate to a screencast as a screenshot, screen capture video, or screen recording.

Regardless, the end result is the ability to easily capture, record, and share information.

 The sharing of the information is where a screencast excels in increasing productivity.

4-Screencast Productivity Hacks

There are numerous applications where having screencast software would provide a better solution than a mere email reply.

The following 4-screencast software productivity hacks are diverse. Consider them a launch pad to for ideas on how you can use a screencast.

1. Providing Instructions, Help, or Support

There is a lot of chatter about video email or video in email. A screencast can also serve this purpose.

For example, a friend asks how to install an app. You could easily do a screencast, with or without audio, showing how to install the app.

Or let's say a work colleague sends you a document to edit. Simply receiving a reply with a few red-marks and a note in the sidebar leaves ample room for misinterpretation.

By recording a screencast to go along with your reply to the PDF edits allows for your associate to hear your voice and see your facial expressions. This helps significantly with understanding the context of the edits.

2. FAQs Common Questions

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But screencast software can save you from having to repeat those words over-and-over.

If you regularly receive the same question, why not create a video reply? That answer can even be added to the FAQs on your website.

Screencast Software

3. Orientation New Employee Welcome

Screencasts are powerful in onboarding new hires. Imagine a personal message from the owner or president.

If your organization is international, how about a quick visual tour of where the other locations are? Maybe even include a high-five from the employees at those sites?

4. Tutorials and Demonstrations

This is an application for every marketing department. In fact, anyone who has ever watched a television commercial has, in essence, watched a screencast.

That 30-second product demonstration is exactly what a screencast can do.

More importantly, it does not cost as much as a commercial on TV and, depending on the medium, a screencast can be targeted to the specific desired demographic.

​Finding Screencasting Software

When I first started screencasting, I ​used several different apps and tools. Today, I have one, BombBomb.

Through BombBomb I:

  • have unlimited video hosting,
  • can upload videos as large as 2GB,
  • have one click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+,
  • have access to the code to embed the video on a website,
  • have a URL ​address that can be used to link direct to the screencast or video .

​A feature I make lots of use of is the ability to include ​a screencast in emails and webforms.

And, yes, you can record and share a screencast directly from your mobile device.

Using screencasting software enhances communication and recall. With the serious competition for people’s attention, screencasting is an attention grabber.

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