Powerful blogging features engineered for positive results is a huge mouthful.

Blogging Features for Professionals

Truth is, it is what has been missing in the blogging and E-marketing arena.

Don’t get me wrong. All the essential tools, and then some, are indeed available today. The software is not the issue.

Important Blogging Features

What are the essential blogging features?

The following list touches on just about every feature one would need to effectively follow-up with their customers and prospects.

If you had all of these tools, you could monetize a blog, sell products online, host and charge for webinars.

This list of tools is almost the Holy Grail of successful e-marketing.[one_half_first]

  • Email Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Image Hosting
  • List Segmentation Feature
  • Email Analytics
  • Email A/B Split Testing
  • Email Triggers
  • Autoresponders / Email Automation
  • Document Manager
  • Contact Manager


  • Web Forms
  • Shopping Cart Integration Feature
  • Social Media Tools
  • Video Email Feature
  • Video Email Triggers
  • Video Email Analytics
  • Video Hosting
  • Video Heat Maps


Integrating Blogging Features Seamlessly

There are more than twenty features listed. See the challenge?

The challenge is for the small business owner, the commission automobile salesperson, or someone who is building a network marketing team, finding one service provider who can offer all of these features is difficult.

The biggest difficulty is not that they do not exist. They do.

The issue is if you are not a mega corporation, to get all of these services is expensive!

So what most people do is get the basics from different suppliers. Video and audio capability from this company. Contact manager and campaign manager from another. In the end, several contracts with different service providers resulting in a hassle to have the services integrate with one another.

There has to be a better way. And there is.

Communication Tools Engineered for Results

Over the years I used many services. I was one of those salespeople who used multiple service providers to get what I needed. I experienced first hand the hassle of trying to mix-n-match. It cost me time. It cost me sales.

One day a fellow salesman from another company saw my frustration. He suggested I check out BombBomb. I am glad I listened. It was easy simple.

BombBomb provides a complete suite of business building tools. Since they all work on the same platform, they integrate seamlessly with one another.

Below is a web form, created in BombBomb. Fill it in. Get more information.

BombBomb saved me money by being able to drop the other service providers. It took away the hassle, frustration, and lost time.

Today I have a larger database of contacts. I have emails that go out when they should. Because of automation features, I can focus on what I do best.

What is holding you back?

If you want to blog, take charge of your customer base, network better, or get more business, then you owe it to yourself to at least check it out.

Do that now…

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