Your self image makeover starts with introspection.

Self Image Makeover First Impression Tips Introspection is defined by as “the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes“.

Introspection helps us learn about ourselves.

Learning about ourselves is the first step in your self image makeover.

How to Start Your Self Image Makeover

Looking inside ourselves helps us see that we are not perfect. It gives us the right balance for doing what is right. It qualifies that doing whatever we want, no matter the circumstance, is not the best choice.

People who are not introspective, not in touch with their emotional processes, often blame others for all of their problems. They do this even when it is their fault.

When always blaming others becomes the norm, you are jeopardizing your self image. You need to find the right balance of learning about yourself and keeping up your self esteem.

Evaluate Every Situation No Assumptions

Make it a personal policy to evaluate every situation you find yourself involved with.

Do not make assumptions. Without all of the facts, you will generally be wrong.

You want to make sure that you have covered all the bases before taking any action.

More importantly, eliminate any possibility that you are the cause of any negative situations. On those rare occasions when you are, own up to it. Seek resolution. Try to make the situation right. Another positive step in how to improve your self image.

Do Not Play the Blame Game You Are NOT a Loser

Do not just accept blame for everything. You are not a loser. It is not always your fault. Do not play the blame game.

First Impression Tips Blame GameIf you are not the cause of the situation, then speak up. Let it be known. You did not cause the problem. This demonstrates self confidence.

On those occasions when you are at the root of the problem or situation, own up to it.

Taking responsibility for your actions, strengthens your self image.

Taking responsibility for you is the beginning of how to improve your self image.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Jeffrey Doucet”]Do not make assumptions. Without all of the facts, you will generally be wrong.[/pullquote]

Recognize Self-Critical Behavior

Self-critical people, people with a low self image, have a tendency to blame themselves. They often do this without being challenged. It is almost done automatically.

You can recognize if this is you by checking how you feel. Symptoms include dampened spirits and low energy.

Through introspection, by looking inwardly at yourself, if your discover you have a tendency to be self-critical, reach out for help. Asking for help is not being weak. Asking for help is a positive step in how to improve your self image.

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