So you want to sell product online. But you are not quite sure how to get started. Or, if you are like I was, you have no idea at all as to what to do.

Website Web Hosting Services Get Up and Running Fast

Website Web Hosting Services Get Up and Running Fast

Starting Point to Sell Product Online

Before you even start looking for any of the web services you will need to sell product online, step number one is decide what you will be selling.

Okay, I know you are thinking this sounds too easy.

I started off with the idea that my service would be for everyone in sales. I quickly learned that ‘everyone in sales‘ is way too broad. Anytime we say everyone, it is for no one.

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Anytime we say everyone, it is for no one.[/pullquote]

Step one to sell product online – narrow your niche.

A car dealership, for example, might have new and used vehicles. You would not find buses, tractors, or airplanes. Some dealerships narrow their niche even more. For example, new vehicles only for a specific manufacturer. Or used trucks only.

Another example: Say you are interested in building an online business about gardening. Gardening is really broad. Actually too broad. Could you be more specific, flower gardening? And then, even more specific, roof-top gardening?

Bigger, broader is not better. Find a niche. Focus on that group. Build from there.

Next Step Website Name

Once you have your niche, you will need a name. To sell product online, a rule of thumb is name your site to match your product, service, or brand.

This is important for marketing reasons and SEO (search engine optimization). We will touch on SEO later. Here is a quick explanation.

Matching a name for a product is just that. If you are selling gardening supplies, you could look for names with gardening supplies in it. For example, or

If your ambition is to sell a service online, then you may want something like or

And, if you are building you as a brand, then perhaps it is or Yes, catchy phrases make the name memorable.

How to Register a Website Name

If you are just starting out, a website name is generally referred to as a URL – Uniform Resource Locator. This would be like your zip code or postal code. It gives you a location and a way of being found. Here is a Wiki on URLs.

There are many service providers where you can search for and register your website name. Additionally, there are the familiar and new url extensions. An extension is like or The .com or .net is the extension.

In addition to the familiar extensions, there are new ones like .tv, .solutions, .party, .club and others.

What about an extension matching your country? For example .ca for Canada.

A rule of thumb is to select an extension that matches your service, product, or brand. It does not necessarily have to match your country. If you are just starting out, my suggestion is to use .com.

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If you are just starting out, my suggestion is to use .com. 


Website Web Hosting Services Complete Package For Getting Started

You can easily get started to sell product online with minimal technical skills. In fact, unless you are a coder or know HTML extensively, selecting a service provider who is a one-stop shop is what I recommend.

Website Web Hosting Services is the service provider I recommend.

They provide a simple domain registration service. They have a hosting service. And, more importantly, they have an easy drag-and-drop site builder.

Why is a turn-key service provider important?

Website Web Hosting Services allows you to focus on what you do best – building your online business – while they provide easy site building tools so you can succeed.

Website Web Hosting Services International

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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