Selling Automobiles an Art and a Science

Selling Automobiles an Art and a ScienceSelling automobiles is an art and a science! It is a combination of relationship and sales process.

The art of selling automobiles is in personal contact. The relationship between the automobile salesperson and the prospect.

Professional automobile salespeople know personal contact is the most effective method to secure repeat and referral business.

Social Media Limited Ability

Networking is about building a portfolio of prospects. Sincere personal contact builds a future.

Sounds like a lot to digest. In fact, it reads like something you would find on the dust jacket of a book.

Here is the skinny.

There is a good deal of hype about Social Media and how it is a good avenue to gain additional sales. There is no doubt social media, as a medium, is a great tool for creating a following. It is even a reasonably effective avenue to brand yourself.

Social Media, however, is not an effective tool to develop customer-partners. The art of selling automobiles is in the personal contact, the relationship.

Personal Contact More Effective

Let me clarify why I say that personal contact is the most effective method to increase repeat and referral business.

Think back to the last vehicle you sold. That person is now a customer. To move that customer to customer-partner, you must build a real relationship.

By-the-way, a customer is someone who has purchased a vehicle through you but has no loyalty to you or your dealership. A customer-partner has loyalty, measured in terms of repeat and referral automobile sales through you.

To develop loyalty leading to repeat and referral automobile sales requires more than a blog, RSS feed, monthly newsletter, or even a well crafted email.

Customers need personal follow up that is sincere and specific.

A phone call,  a note, a thank you or greeting card are most effective at creating strong relationships. That is the art of selling automobiles!

Specific And Sincere

Why is specific and sincere the key to developing customer-partners?

Consider this, you just moved to a new community. Welcome Wagon was in to see you and left a box of goodies. Included is a free oil change from a reputable national chain.

Two days later your phone rings and it is the automobile salesperson you purchased your vehicle from. She lets you know that even though you moved she is still available if you require assistance. You chat for a moment and, before hanging up, she recommends a local service center for your automobile service needs.

If this was really you, where would you go to service your car?

More importantly, where would this automobile salesperson be in your list of who to recommend to buy a car from?

Forward thinking, customer focused, all part of the art of selling cars.

People Prefer To Do Business Where They Feel Good

Selling Automobiles an Art and a Science

Selling Automobiles an Art and a Science

Given a choice, people prefer to do business where they feel good.

Personal contact results in people traveling across town, going out of their way, even paying a little more. And customers who feel this way graduate to customer-partners.

Customer-partners are loyal. Customer-partners are the foundation for a secure future.

Years ago Bell had this great little tag-line promoting long distance “Reach out and touch someone.

[pullquote align=”normal”]“Reach out and touch someone.” [/pullquote]

The background has changed but the theme is the same. When it comes to securing your automobile sales career you need to reach out. The emphasis is on you because the receiver must see the reaching out as authentic.

Sincerity Through Personal Contact

Sincerity comes through personal contact. And no, I am not suggesting telephone contact as the only sincere method of staying in touch.

Notes and greeting cards are also effective personal contact tools.

The art of selling automobiles requires that to be effective you need to make it personal.

A caveat of marketing is “The medium is the message.” That holds true for engaging your prospects and customers.

To make it personal, to decide to take action, a prospect or customer must perceive the message as being especially prepared for him or her. To be successful in creating repeat and referral business, you must make it personal.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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