Vehicle Demonstration Why Professionals Do It Right

Vehicle demonstration is the one phase of the automobile sales process where a lot of prospect and sales consultant interaction is a must.

Vehicle Demonstration Selling Process Tips

Vehicle Demonstration Selling Process Tips

There are many approaches to vehicle demonstrations.

Successful automobile sales  consultants recognize winning presentations and demonstrations include:1. Excitement, Enthusiasm, Energy2. The Value Expression: V=F+A+B3. Prospect Participation4. Lots of Opportunity for “YES” Responses


Car Salesman Selling Process Tips

Car Salesman How to Value Your Time Have a Life

Car Salesman Selling Process TipsWhen I first learned this car salesman sales tip, it changed my complete approach to selling cars.

Ask different car salespeople what they think value your time means. You will get a whole bunch of different answers.

Some summarize it as earning enough to be financially secure.

That’s trading time for dollars.

Others desire to have more time and the financial resources to enjoy life.

Again, trading time for dollars.

What about you?

How do you value your time?


Automobile Sales Career 3 How To Reasons

An automobile sales career is not what most people think.

Automobile Sales Career Automotive Sales Training for New Hires

Automobile Sales Career Fast Start

Media often portrays automobile salespeople as fast talking, slap’em on the back, let’s make a deal quasi-shady characters.

I don’t doubt there are some car salesmen who do fit this profile. But there are fewer and fewer of them. And, they are rarely found at a reputable car store.

As an in-the-trenches automobile salesman, I look on what I do as a profession. Just like being an accountant, doctor, lawyer, firefighter, pilot, chef, or business owner – a profession.




60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

How to Get More Car Sales Without Being Pushy

Get more car sales by knowing more ways to ask for a yes than your prospect has to say no.

Stuff happens for a reason.

Here’s why I prepared 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy.

It was actually a brutal awakening, for me.

I had been in car sales for a while and my closing ratio was dismal. Week-after-week I was always at the bottom of the board; the lowest producer. I had to get more sales.

My Sales Manager would give me pep talks, encouragement, and explain some how to’s. He’d get me to do more walk arounds, go over features, but minimal improvement resulted. Regardless of what I did, I just couldn’t seem to to get more car sales.

I knew my stuff. I knew the vehicles. I gave great presentations. But I wasn’t getting the sales.


Automobile Sales Training How to Make the Big Bucks

Automobile Sales Training How to Make the Big Bucks

Automobile Sales Training job-1 if you want the big bucks.

Car sales professionals recognize automobile sales training – closing deals, effectively sourcing leads, moving opportunities to a sale, building solid repeat and referral business, and more – is job one.

There are all kinds of quality automobile sales jobs available. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – there are not all kinds of quality car sales people.

Automobile Sales Training Job 1

Quality car sales people believe in training and personal development!


Sales Ambition Grit of the Determined

Sales Ambition to Succeed Selling Process Tips

Sales Ambition to Succeed Selling Process Tips

Sales ambition to succeed, as a commission automobile salesman, is truly the spice-of-life.

Without your sales ambition to succeed, everyday is same-old same-old. With ambition, well like a lot of spices, not all are palatable.

For any automobile salesman or truck salesman who chooses to not just live life but to strive for a brilliant life, taking personal responsibility for their financial success is a key ingredient!

If you are depending on the government, your employer, or someone else to care for your financial future – think again.

Whether you exchange time for dollars or are on 100% commission sales, if you are in automobile sales you are the company.