SiteGround Web Hosting ve Website Web Hosting Services

SiteGround Web Hosting versus Website Web Hosting Services is the focus of this week’s master class discussion.

Specifically, we will be comparing SiteGround web hosting GoGeek package to Website Web Hosting Services Gold Package.


SiteGround Web Hosting GoGeek vs Gold Hosting Package

We’ll compare feature-by-feature SiteGround web hosting package GoGeek and Website Web Hosting Services Gold Plan.

For an easy-to-follow comparison, split your screen and put SiteGround’s GoGeek plan next to Website Web Hosting Services GOLD plan. With them side-by-side, scroll through the features each plan offers.

As you do, you will discover there are only a few differences:

  • Web Space
  • Email Storage
  • Annual Cost

Web Space

Web space, also known as storage space or disk space, generally refers to the amount of space on a web server that is allocated to website owners by the web hosting provider.

Comparing Website Web Hosting Services’ Gold plan with SiteGround’s GoGeek package there is a significant difference between the two – 40 GB web space or storage from SiteGround and UNLIMITED from Website Web Hosting Services.

Email Storage

The next significant difference is Email Storage.

Both SiteGround and Website Web Hosting Services allow for unlimited email accounts.

What is different is that Website Web Hosting Services Gold Plan provides 40 GB Storage while SiteGround’s GoGeek Plan only offers 10 GB.


Annual Cost

What about your cost or annual fee for hosting?

Without a doubt the biggest difference between SiteGround and Website Web Hosting Services is what you pay!

The difference is huge. Huge as in hundreds of dollars different.

SiteGround’s regular monthly price for the GoGeek plan is $39.99. Website Web Hosting’s Gold Plan is … $9.67 per month. That alone is a $30 a month difference!

Since web hosting is generally invoiced by the year:

  • SiteGround GoGeek plan about $480
  • Website Web Hosting Services Gold plan $116.


This makes SiteGround more than 4-times the annual cost of Website Web Hosting Services!

Average Life Span of a Website

According to Orbit Media, the average lifespan of a website is 2 years 7 months.

Since you pay on an annual basis for hosting, this means 3 years of payments.

SiteGround at $480 per year times 3 is roughly one thousand four hundred and forty dollars.

Multiplying Website Web Hosting Services annual Gold Plan hosting fee of $116 per year times three is roughly $348.

Mega huge difference!

SiteGround Hosting vs Website Web Hosting Services Summary

There is no doubt that SiteGround Hosting is a quality product. Compared to Website Web Hosting Services they match up verey well.

At the end of the day, if you plan on developing and hosting a website through SiteGround hosting services, then the cost far exceeds what you would pay at Website Web Hosting Services.

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