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Sales ABCs Powerful But Not What You Think

Sales ABCs of SellingToday, the sales ABCs are not what you think they are!

There was a time if you asked me to recite the sales ABCs for selling success I would proudly trumpet Always Be Closing.

That was then.

Today is a new day. Actually, it has been a new day for a while. Some salespeople just haven’t clued in.


Automobile Sales System

Automobile Sales System How to Skyrocket Wins

Automobile Sales System is a process proven to close sales.

Automobile Sales System 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

60 Ways To Ask For The Sale Without Being Pushy

The Presentation and Demonstration step is a critical step in the automotive sales process.

Whether the prospect has been online studying the vehicle or just drove in on an impulse, it would be rare for a purchase to be made without the prospect at least looking the vehicle over.

I say rare because we have many documented instances where people have purchased a vehicle over the internet without ever having been in one.

Generally purchasers want to see, touch, get in, and drive the vehicle before committing.


Selling Process Tips

Automobile Sales Professionals Followed by Professionals

An automobile sales process is not pie in the sky. High income automobile salespeople and truck salespeople follow an automobile sales process each and every contact. No exceptions!

Automobile Sales Process Selling Process Tips

Automobile Sales Process Selling Process Tips

Selling Automobiles An Art AND A Skill

Rembrandt was considered one of the greatest painters in European history.

Do you recognize the names Pieter Lastman or Jacob van Swanenburgh?

Rembrandt apprenticed under each of them.

What does that have to do with selling cars? (more…)

Sales Ambition Grit of the Determined

Sales Ambition to Succeed Selling Process Tips

Sales Ambition to Succeed Selling Process Tips

Sales ambition to succeed, as a commission automobile salesman, is truly the spice-of-life.

Without your sales ambition to succeed, everyday is same-old same-old. With ambition, well like a lot of spices, not all are palatable.

For any automobile salesman or truck salesman who chooses to not just live life but to strive for a brilliant life, taking personal responsibility for their financial success is a key ingredient!

If you are depending on the government, your employer, or someone else to care for your financial future – think again.

Whether you exchange time for dollars or are on 100% commission sales, if you are in automobile sales you are the company.