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Vehicle Demonstration Why Professionals Do It Right

Vehicle demonstration is the one phase of the automobile sales process where a lot of prospect and sales consultant interaction is a must.

Vehicle Demonstration Selling Process Tips

Vehicle Demonstration Selling Process Tips

There are many approaches to vehicle demonstrations.

Successful automobile sales  consultants recognize winning presentations and demonstrations include:
1. Excitement, Enthusiasm, Energy
2. The Value Expression: V=F+A+B
3. Prospect Participation
4. Lots of Opportunity for “YES” Responses

Triple E Vehicle Demonstration

At some point most of us have witnessed an automobile salesman demonstrate a vehicle to a prospect where the only hint of excitement was that from time-to-time he smiled. Although he knew his stuff, the prospect tuned out.

Fact, a sluggish, no prospect participation vehicle demonstration means no sale, no commission!

Jeffrey Doucet

Career automobile salespeople check their attitude daily.

Blah Has To Go

Top income earners ensure they take the blah out of walk-arounds; even though they have done it a hundred times.

Professional car salespeople recognize that for this prospect it is her first time.

That’s right.

For the prospect, your vehicle demonstration and presentation is new to her. And, for you, it is show time.

Show her you believe in your product.

Ensure your body language and tone of voice are in sync with the message.

Energize the automobile sales demonstration with vivid descriptive words. Build a word picture in such a way that the prospect can see herself driving this vehicle. That is what effective vehicle presentations and demonstrations are all about.

The Value Expression: V=F+A+B

Vehicle Demonstration The Value EquationIf you have been in automobile sales for a while, you have heard about “FAB” – Features, Advantages, Benefits.

To establish value, you need to present the Features, the Advantages, the Benefits of the vehicle you are showing.

What is important is that you only keynote the FAB’s that your prospect is interested in.

This is very important.

Your prospect is not, at this point in your relationship, interested in all that this vehicle has to offer. Your prospect wants to know “Can you meet my immediate needs?” Those needs, of course, are what you discovered during your qualification.

Armed with the needs or problem your prospect outlined, your presentation must highlight why your vehicle is the right transportation solution. Fail to do that and your prospect will conclude you were either not listening or you do not have the right vehicle. No sale. No commission!

Similarly, if in your demonstration you zealously spew well beyond what your prospect is looking for, game over. Information overload. No sale. No commission!

Cover The Essentials

Quality vehicle demonstrations and presentations that work cover the essentials.

You list the features one-by-one according to importance expressed by the prospect. For example, “This Cobalt is a 4 cylinder with air conditioning.

You explain the advantages associated with each feature. “Because of the engine size you will have better fuel efficiency. The air conditioning will keep the vehicle cool while you deliver your flowers.

Next, you list the benefits: “As a courier the fuel efficiency will reduce your gas expense. Plus the air conditioning will ensure the flowers will be kept fresh on hot summer days.

Value Statement

Wrap it in a nice little value statement.

Value is what it means to the prospect. It is the sizzle. Be excited for the prospect. Use your voice and body language. “Ms. Prospect, keeping your fuel costs down will actually put more money in your pocket?…..And wouldn’t you agree delivering fresh looking flowers would result in more repeat business?…

Value is the result of Features (what the vehicle does) + Advantages (why this vehicle meets the prospect’s needs) + Benefits (what makes this car unique to the prospect). FAB is an essential ingredient in your vehicle presentation and demonstration tool chest.

A yes response to a benefit statement will only result if the benefit statement satisfies a recognized need voiced by the prospect.

Jeffrey Doucet

Prospect Participation

Vehicle Demonstration Prospect ParticipationYour automobile demonstration must include opportunity for your prospect to actively participate.

There are many ways to involve a prospect as you present a vehicle. Yet, many automobile sales consultants neglect to do this.

Involving prospects energizes all present.

It provides clarity and a sense of ownership. You may have experienced this when you purchased an automobile. The sales consultant might have involved you by having you look under the hood, open the sunroof, turn on the air conditioning, and, the most obvious, going for the test drive. That is active participation. That is winning automobile sales demonstration and presentation skills.

There are occasional instances where there really is not anything physical or tangible that a prospect can touch, feel, smell, or try. But even then you can involve the prospect. That involvement takes some extra planning and preparation. It involves painting vivid word pictures and imagination.

Involving the prospect is a key presentation technique. Quality presentations or demonstrations are more than wordsmithing.

Automobile sales professionals understand prospect involvement provides verbal as well as non-verbal feedback. They recognize ownership starts with experiencing the value.

Deliberate participation instills confidence.

“YES” Responses

Throughout the presentation, be sure to provide the prospect with opportunity after opportunity to say “Yes” or nod in agreement.

Yes, fuel efficiency is important.” “Yes, air conditioning will keep the flowers fresher.” “Yes, fresher looking flowers will lead to more orders and deliveries.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

It does not make a difference if it is a new automobile you are presenting or a preowned car. It makes no difference if it is a single decision maker or a couple. Every time you hear “Yes“, as a sincere affirmation, you are securing permission to move to the next stage in the sales process.

You will, however, only achieve a “Yes” if the benefit matches an explicit need.

Translation – if you go fishing, if you determine to introduce a great little feature that you believe this prospect needs, even if it is value specific, at this point in the relationship your prospect will likely tune out.

A yes response to a benefit statement will only result if the benefit statement satisfies a recognized need voiced by the prospect.

At this early stage in the relationship, you need to stick with what you know. If you have asked enough quality questions, and if you have listened actively, you ought to know what needs fixing. Wouldn’t you agree?

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

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