How Video Email Services Win the Day

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Video email services are not just about lead conversion or a fancy way to follow up on prospects. Business professionals and sales people, who do not have video email in their sales arsenal, are missing out on opportunity.

Video Email Services Easy Simple Video

 Why Use Video Email Services

Research shows there are many reasons to use video email services in a business professionals’ daily activity. In fact, video has applications across the business spectrum. It is not just for salespeople.

Here are six important applications for video email services …

  • to humanize and differentiate,
  • to save time,
  • to communicate more clearly and connect more effectively,
  • for lead follow up, nurturing, and conversion,
  • for repeat and referral business, and
  • for accelerating the sale process.

Is this it?

No. There are many reasons and so many more ways to use video email services.

Video Email Services Easy Simple Video

Video in Business Beyond Lead Conversion

Throughout the Easy Simple Video Blog, there are numerous examples about connecting with new leads, engaging responsive and non-responsive leads, converting prospects into customers, and generating more repeat and referral business.

Using video in sales is a smart. It is easily adapted to your sales process and communication plan.

Here is where you can definitely use video in your daily sales activity:

  • Traditional emails? definitely.
  • Phone calls and voicemails? Of course.
  • In person meetings? As often as possible!
  • Video messages? A powerful application.

Not Just For Lead Conversion

Video email services are not just for lead conversion.

Any message you have to communicate to any stakeholder in your organization’s success can be communicated through video.

Video is simply a medium – a container for your message.


Question: How do you keep your ‘bird-dogs’ engaged to get you more referrals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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