ABCs of SellingSales ABCs of selling are not what you’ve been told! There was a time if you asked me to recite the sales ABC’s of selling success I would proudly trumpet Always Be Closing. That was then. Today is a new day. Actually, it has been a new day for a while. Some salespeople just have not clued in.


This 3 minute video, The Universe Made Car Salespeople, was published by Chris Adams (Shocktan) in 2013.

His caption was “There is a reason we have people who sell cars. This video is for everyone in the business.

In it he says “…And the universe said, these machines aren’t easy to understand for ordinary folks, and they cost a lot of money. We better get some salespeople quick. And the Universe gave us car salesman.

That was then. Today the universe has given buyers the internet. Some say car salespeople are now consultants.

Could our profession be moving more to a concierge service?

Enjoy the video, The Universe Made Car Salespeople. Thank you Chris Adams.