How to Create a Winning Website Strategy Template

Website strategy template how to create a winning customer focused webpage. Let’s start with this page. This page is an example of a website strategy template tactic. I also discuss this in the section about needing to be found.



Website Strategy Template

This is a sample page showing how a personal web-page provides easy reference for customers and prospects. That is the essence of this website strategy template.

Here is another example of a salesman who follows this technique, Bruce Fawcett.

Website Strategy Template

On your personal website, you may develop as many pages as you desire. What is important is that each page provides quality content relevant to the people you serve.

More is not always better. Keep it simple.

Also, do not clutter your page with information about your employer. For example, some automobile salespeople include deals of the week or multiple pages of inventory.

Pages or content like that are a distraction. More importantly, they are not the reason people come to your page.

Prospects arrive on your web page because they want to learn about you. They can find out about where you work from the dealership or corporate page. They can also view inventory, look for specials, and shop on the corporate page. Putting that kind of content on your page takes up valuable real estate and means more maintenance for you.

You do not need a lot of content to make a good impression. Keep the page about you and how you can help solve the prospect’s problem.

Picture and KISS

Jeffrey Doucet Website Strategy Template

Including a picture of you is a must. You want your visitors to know they have truly found you.

You might also include an image of your business card or company logo.

As a sales professional, you want to make it easy for prospects to find you.

Not sure how. I can help. Click here.

Web Presence Key Selling Process Tip

Having a web presence is a key selling process tips sales tactic.

Your website strategy template content need only be three to four paragraphs. Again the KISS principle applies. (KISS = Keep It Simply Simple)

Provide enough information to give your visitor a good sense of who you are and what you stand for as a sales professional.

Will you be there for me?

In the sales arena, prospects want to know “Will you be there for me after the sale?” Your web presence gives that peace-of-mind. It demonstrates that you are serious about being in sales.

Contact Information

You never know who may be visiting and what opportunities might surface. So be sure to include your contact information.

You can include your contact information on this page or you can create a link to a Contact Me page.

By-the-way, on your Contact Me page, you can include a webform. Click here for an example.

The danger in listing your email address is that spammers use bots to seek-out email addresses listed on the web. Once found, spam follows.

This is another reason why you might chose to use a webform.

Webform Solution

The form can be elaborate or basic. The bare bones would be to ask for your prospect’s name and email address.

There are a number of easy to use webform solutions. I would stay away from free ones. You get what you pay for. Some of that is when your prospect fills out the form, the free webform provider also gets their information.

What I suggest is that you complete this form. I use a couple of different providers. Complete the form and I’ll get back to you to help you pick the webform service that best meets your need.


Testimonials Website Strategy TemplateThe final selling process tips strategy for your page is to include testimonials.

If you have been in sales for a while, you likely have a number of testimonials. Sprinkling a couple throughout the page is a good idea.

Video testimonies are gold. If you have a few of those, you can also host them on your page. Not sure how to do that. I can help. Click here.

Do It Now – Today NOT Tomorrow

Implementing a website strategy template is not too difficult.

What is important is for you to get started. Do something to increase your visibility, get more referrals, build your sales career.

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Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

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