YouTube disaster for sales professionals and marketers is in its easy application.

Not only you, but your competition, is easily found.

Plus, your video presentation often leads your target audience right to your competetion’s door!

Posting video and commentary about your business on Social Media has its place.

It is fast. Easy. Efficient. For many, the idea of services like YouTube being free with the potential for unlimited exposure is a powerful draw.

Youtube Disaster Missed Opportunities by Distraction

Easy. Simple. Video. This is the way to go!

So What Is The YouTube Disaster

So what is the problem with YouTube?

Why should a business owner or entrepreneur be concerned about getting all of this free exposure?

The reality is that the exposure is really NOT free!

The cost of posting your business content on YouTube is that your competition is listed right along side of it.

That’s right.

As soon as your video ends, in fact even during the viewing of your YouTube post, on the same page is a listing of similar content.

Whose content is it?

Your competition. Or, at the very least, other similar products, services, or offerings.

Why Be Concerned

Imagine this. Let’s say I am searching for a Virtual Assistant. I go to my favorite search engine and type “Virtual Assistant“.

Let’s say you are a Virtual Assistant and a link to an article you posted comes up on the first page of the search engine listing.

I click on the link. Up comes your article. I read it. Included in your article is a link to your website. I follow it and land on your home page.

So far all is good.

I am exactly where you want me; on your website, reading your content, 100% exposure for what you can do for me.

Here’s where many marketers, business owners, and content providers lose the opportunity to capture the prospect, to get the sale, or contact information. Included in the content on their website is a video. The video is hosted on a social media site like YouTube.

YouTube – Friend and Foe

YouTube is both friend and foe; good and bad. This medium provides lots of exposure.

To avoid a YouTube disaster, it is not the place to send your prospects to review your offering.

When you have prospects on your website, you definitely do not want to expose them to competitor offerings.

When you post content on your website that is hosted on YouTube, or similar public social sites, you are actually giving your competitors a sales lead.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Jeffrey Docuet”]The problem with YouTube is you are actually giving your competitors a sales lead.[/pullquote]

Birth of a YouTube Disaster

Here is how a YouTube disaster is born.

  1. You want more exposure for what you offer.
  2. You create a great video.
  3. You post it on YouTube.

Up to this point, all is good.

Where you lose customers is when you include a link to the video you posted on YouTube from your website.

The reason this is costing you business is because when prospects have completed watching your YouTube video, other related videos compete for their attention.

Those related videos belong to your competition.

Get the picture.

You’ve done everything right. You captured the prospect’s attention through an article. He then followed a link to your website.

Where you lost the prospect was by providing a great video that closed by indirectly exposing your prospect to others who provide a similar service.

Avoid a YouTube Disaster Keep Your Prospect On Your Site

That’s the answer, isn’t it.

Avoid a YouTube disaster by keeping prospects focused on your content.

When you have a prospective customer on your website, don’t provide access to content hosted on a third party site where the prospect will be exposed to other similar service offerings.

The solution is to provide video content that keeps your potential customer or new member focused on you.

Easy. Simple. Video.

There are many providers who can do just that. For me, the best bang for your buck is BombBomb.

BombBomb provides a contact manager, email, video features, and much more.

Check out the FREE trial. The gold for you is that your prospect stays exactly where you want him/her – focused on your product or service offering. No distractions.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – people like you – Make It Happen!

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